Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shearing Update

Yesterday we sheared Louisa, it took us about 2 hours, luckily she was pretty patient with us. She looks a little gawky right now, but beautifully white and curly. Not sure how many pounds her fleece was yet. We were too tired to weigh it or get pictures of her lastnight. We are going to shear Eleanor tonight or tomorrow. The girls have to work today and tomorrow so it will depend on how tired they are. I will get pictures of them, with their new look, in the next couple of days.


  1. Hey There, I love coming in here and seeing what you have been up to. I just figured out how to make a comment. Read your email Diana and get back with me or tell me when to call.

  2. maybe since this is virgin wool I can bring up a crochet hook and i can try it out and hopefully it wont break me out