Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Attemps @ Spinning

This is Caitlin and my first skeins of yarn, that we have spun with our new wheel. We spun them from roving that was given to us, by our friend Kim, from White Barn Farm. This is where Cait bought the CVM lambs. You can see the roving in the basket, under the yarn. Roving is the sheared wool after it has been washed and carded. Carding can be done with hand carders, that look like big flat brushes with fine wire teeth or with a drum carder. The drum carder have the combs on a wheel. The drum carder can make the roving much faster than hand carding. We haven't had a chance to try ours out yet. So the next thing is getting some wool washed, so we can give it a go!

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