Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grain Feeder

Today Brad , Caitlin and I built this new feeder for grain. We were feeding the the grain to the sheep in indvidual buckets, which was usually kaos. Quite a few times we have had sheep running around with a bucket on it's head. It worked out really good tonight, though we did have to move it down after we realized it was too high for them. Poor Sully couldn't reach it at all.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Good To Go!

Yesterday, I was so excited to find this great deal on craigslist. I don't check it very often, but I just happened to, and someone had just posted this spinning wheel, skein-winder, spools and drum carder. I have searched the internet quite a few times for used spinning wheels with out any success. We looked at fiberfest and the few used they had were very expensive. I had came to the conclusion that we would have to buy new. The cheapest we could find was $320 and not really what we wanted. This wheel brand new would cost at least $500. We seen a used drum carder at fiberfest for $250 new would be atleast $350. We were able to get all of it for $350. Everything is in great condition and in working order. We already have the wheel up and running. It took a few trial runs to figure everything out, but I think we'll be old pros in no time. :-)

Drum Carder

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Duckens

Not the best picture, the morning sun was too bright. This is Ping, Pong, Pit, Paddle, Pat and Peep Puddleduck.

Ping the Puddleduck

This is Ping, the first duckling hatched out of six. We had a broody hen that wanted to sit on eggs, but didn't have any fertile chicken eggs. So, Caitlin decided to put six duck eggs under her, and all of them hatched. They are now 3 weeks old and starting to get their downy white feathers. We moved them out of the garage to the duck pen yesterday. They are living with the mallards for now.


Norty spies a frog in the algae.

Now Millie joins in on the fun.

Millie has her heart set on frog legs for dinner, but he always gets away in the nic of time.

Gandy the Guard Dog

Gandy makes sure all is well in the barnyard.

Pumpkin Patch

New Feeders

Brad and I finally got a few hay feeders built, one outside and one inside. We need to build one for grain still.

Waiting for Breakfast

Our new barn kitty, Matilda, loves her sheep. As you can see they like her too and are very protective of her.